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Apartamenty nad morzem sprzedaż
Apartamenty nad morzem sprzedaż
Sprzedaż mieszkań nad morzeme
Apartamenty nad morzem sprzedaż
Sprzedaż mieszkań nad morzem
Apartamenty nad morzem sprzedaż
Sprzedaż mieszkań nad morzem - Porta Mare
Sprzedaż apartamentów nad morzem - Porta Mare
Sprzedaż mieszkań nad morzem
Apartamenty nad morzem sprzedaż - Porta Mare
Sprzedaż mieszkań nad morzeme
Sprzedaż mieszkań nad morzem

Finish standard

  1. Foundation - the building is founded on 7m long CMC columns 420mm in diameter.
  2. Footings - a high building - 1m-thick ground slab made of reinforced concrete type B-37 w-6.
  3. Garage - continuous and spot footings made of reinforced concrete type B-37 w-6.
  4. Walls:
    • 24cm-thick ferroconcrete bearing walls,
    • partition walls type ORTH.
  5. Floor slabs - semi-precast floor slab with ferroconcrete overlay 18cm-thick in total.
  6. Staircases - up to +1 storey the staircases are monolithic cast in situ, the upper storeys have prefabricated ferroconcrete flights of stairs and landings
  7. Lintels - monolithic ferroconcrete.
  8. Flat roof made of ferroconcrete slab covered with 18cm layer of foamed polystyrene, insulated with torch-on membrane; the roof possesses the siphonic roof drainage PLUVIA.
  9. Garden rooms are situated over the top residential storey and they belong to the apartments on the top floor.
  1. Damp-proofing and waterproofing systems:
    • damp-proofing of the ground slab, continuous and spot footings: Abizol R as a priming and Abizol P as the proper proofing,
    • vertical damp-proof course on basement walls: double layer of Dysperbit proofed with dimpled membrane,
    • horizontal damp-proof course in the basement: double layer of torch-on membrane,
    • horizontal damp-proof course of upper storeys: PVC film; liquid film in damp rooms.
  2. Thermal insulation:
    • exterior insulation: mineral wool or 14cm-thick foamed polystyrene,
    • thermal insulation of basement walls: 8cm + 4cm-thick foamed polystyrene,
    • thermal insulation of the roof: 20cm-thick foamed polystyrene,
    • thermal insulation of the intermediate floor: 8cm-thick foamed polystyrene in the basement, 4cm-thick foamed polystyrene on upper storeys.
  1. Window joinery - there are 2 types of windows: aluminium windows and PVC windows equipped with double grazing units and ventilators providing air supply.
  2. Door joinery:
    • aluminium front entry door to the building,
    • wooden or steel security door to apartments,
    • interior door openings without door frames and door leaves,
    • openwork wooden doors to rooms.
  3. Internal plaster: mechanically applied gypsum plaster in apartments and staircases.
  4. Floor finish:
    • stoneware tiles in staircases,
    • concrete base in apartments ready to be covered with floor panels, fitted carpets or parquet mosaic,
    • freeze-proof ceramic tiles on balconies, terraces and loggias,
    • planks of exotic wood on terraces near garden rooms,
    • commercial windowsills.
  1. Elevators - there are 5 elevators in the building (2 elevators in terminal staircases and 1 elevator in the middle staircase).
  2. Garage entryway and exit system.
  3. Air-conditioning in apartments (at extra charge).
  4. Plumbing installation:
    • water supply from the "PORTA MARE" network,
    • sewage and stormwater conveyance to the "PORTA MARE" network,
    • hot and cold water installation in apartments (without ancillary equipment), water meters installed next to staircase plumb-lines,
    • sanitary sewage system installation to rough-in by the apartment owner,
    • hydrant system.
  1. Supply from gas-fired boiler plant located in the building.
  2. Steel risers, rough-in in apartment floors made of PE pipes.
  3. Panel radiators with thermostatic expansion valves, towel rail radiators in bathrooms.
  4. Each residential and commercial unit has its own installation with heat consumption metering fixed in lockers in the staircase.
  1. Low three-phase voltage service line from a neighbouring transformer statio.
  2. Main switching station together with electricity meters in common areas.
  3. Premises wiring with electrical fittings.
  4. Three-phase wiring to electric cookers (no cooker).
  5. Interior phone wiring system in each apartment.
  6. TV and radio wiring - cable TV and the Internet.
  7. Intercom system - calling from the building front door.
  8. Lightning protection system.
  9. Exhaust detection system in the garage on level -1.
  10. Garage entryway and exit wiring system.
  1. Building elevation consists of the following materials:
    • Caparol plaster or similar,
    • Racolor Silver by Rauta Ruukki or similar,
    • Swispearl Reflex or similar,
    • Capat Sapphire or similar.

Details of how the materials are distributed on the elevation are on the visualisation.
Landscaping around the building is according to the site development plan.
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